Be inspired and get informed by our presentations about giving new energy and future to run down buildings and areas that need extra attention. We make you look and act differently to areas and communities. Make room for ‘incidents’ in urban planning and absurd looking ideas from locals. They may surprise in the end.

Presentations and workshops urban development
After our presentation you know it for sure; we have other options. There are new ways to flow new energy in low-energy areas. What role can ‘urban incidents’ play in shaping the future of a neighborhood? In addition a workshop can take you from inspiration to realization.

A few options for presentations:

  • Room for citizen initiatives: how to act?
    How do we promote genuine ownership in our neighborhoods? What can we leave up to the residents to manage their area? How do we know which people are pulling the strings in an area? Questions many municipalities ask themselves before giving room to local initiatives.
    Our presentations can ignite news answers to basic questions about a responsible transfer of power to local communities.
    Please read our blogs in English.
  • Is there room for local initiatives in large scale urban developments?
    February 2017 I presented my vision on public spaces in the large scale new development in the Amsterdam ‘Sluisbuurt‘  Residents can and must have room to shape their own public space. But how?
  • What makes Berlin Europe’s most dynamic city lab? 
    Urban Inspiration inspired many city professionals during one of the many urban tours through Berlin. What makes this city tick the way it does? What is the influence of its bizar past? Besides our tours, we also offer special presentations about the city, its history, urban development and current issues. Please watch one of our presentations on this topic (Dutch).
  • Coehoorn Centraal: waiting for development of new development itself?
    Coehoorn Centraal is a citizens’ initiative in Arnhem (NL) that aims to create a ‘zone of creative economy’. The foundation ‘Coehoorn Centraal’ rented 6 empty buildings (5.000 m2) for a 5-year periode from the city of Arnhem. The project was meant to run until September 2018. But its succes made the city council decide to look for a permanent future for this initiative. In close cooperation between the foundation and the city, plans are made for a new future of this creative area in Arnhem. Here you can find our presentation at the start of the project in 2013.