Let’s be honest, Berlin as most dynamic city lab of Europe is our source of inspiration. Let us inspire you about giving new energy to stagnated areas. We will bring up new ideas and take you all the way to realization by managing the proces of getting there and taking care of the necessary communication. 

Berlin as source of inspiration

Management / Firestarter

Urban Inspiration is co-initiator, member of the board and co-project manager of the citizens’ initiative Coehoorn Centraal in Arnhem (NL). In 6 buildings, owned by the city and waiting for new development, the foundation Coehoorn Centraal facilitates studio’s for 80 startups in the creative field.
Besides general management, consultations with all organizations involved, Urban Inspiration’s main task is found in all sorts of communication.
We are pleased to advise you about citizens’ initiatives and share our experiences with you.

Project communication

Mobilizing people to engage in their neighborhood, is hardly conceivable without activating communication. A combination of online and offline communication will awake interest people have in a run down building or area. Urban Inspiration assists in setting up communication and maintain it during the project.

Our vision on urban (re-) development

1  It is all about the end-user
People make cities and neighborhoods. We must turn area development upside down: from top-down, to bottom-up.
Not the building, but people are the start of rethinking options for development. Organized groups of people with articulated wishes are in the heart of new urban planning. With such groups, their wishes and ideas, empty buildings and run down areas can become a second life.

2  From value to capital
Many spots have a basic value, no matter their state or looks. Their traits may be of great value for the neighborhood, its residents and small business, to make it their own place. In particular buildings owned by the city, like former schools or community services, need evaluation for social re-use before being brought to the market. City buildings are taxpayers’ money and therefor remain public property. A second life in local public ownership can stimulate neighborhood ownership and responsibility for what goes on in the area. The social value may in the end result, besides in social capital, in real capital.

3  It all starts with human energy and motivation
Only with genuine interest in humans and their social and spatial needs, new energy can emerge. Capital, the complex of many conflicting interests, proces frustrating rules and the different languages used by bureaucrats and residents, are a few of the many obstacles to a successful reactivation of areas.
We need a new set of qualifications and knowledge to help groups articulate their specific spatial needs and wishes.

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