Berlin is like home to Urban Inspiration and we organize city expeditions here since 2009. We are on top on the latest developments in the city that is always in the making, but will never be at rest. Nowhere else urban experiments and citizens’ initiatives in the public domain are so abundant as in Berlin. Experience the energy in this city, the role of history and why this city remains so populair among the young and creatives. Our city expeditions are informative and inspiring to city professionals and citizen city makers.

Group of 25 urban planners, project developers, and architects:‘You were a great guide. I have seen and heard what I wanted to know of this city and things I won’t find in books. This information can only be obtained if you know the city from bottom to top. We had a great day!

A fixed program tour is a pre-organized tour dedicated to specific subjects.
We offer 3 programs:

  • General introduction to Berlin: history, urban and parks;
  • Urban Living: gentrification, housing, alternative urban spots;
  • Urban Parks: the transformation of brown fields to price winning urban parks.

Indication of price: 1 day, 1 guide, 15 participants €66,00 per person (ex. btw/vat*).
*Not applicable for organizations from the US.

Watch the video of one of our tours in Berlin.

We also offer tailor made programs to meet your specific wishes.

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More satisfied costumers:

  • VolkerWessels (project development and construction)
  • Berlijnse Avonden (Berlin based collective of writers and journalists)
  • KAW Architects, Groningen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam
  • Academie van de stad, Amsterdam
  • Air Rotterdam
  • Bouwsociëteit Arnhem
  • GroenLinks Arnhem (political party)
  • City of Breda
  • Province of Gelderland
  • In The Making, Arnhem (young entrepreneurs)
  • Professional Rebel, Amsterdam
  • Schagen Groep, Zwolle (road construction company)
  • Topicus, Deventer (ICT)
  • Rebel Group, Rotterdam (city makers)
  • Trudo, Eindhoven (building corporation)

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